Mission + About us



Founded in 2011, Grassroots Studio was born as a solution to a major issue in the climbing world — thousands of pounds of rope are discarded without being considered for a second life.

Founder and gym owner, Wil Rivera, noticed this problem and began repurposing the ropes by braiding them and attaching 6061 Aluminum alloy handles to each end. The product was a bombproof, industrial tool perfect for personal training and small group exercise sessions at his own gym in New York City.

Years have passed since the first Monster Rope prototype, but Grassroots Studio’s purpose has stayed the same: to provide a handmade product that is indestructible, guaranteed for life, made in the USA, and perfect for boutique gyms with limited workout space. As an expert with more than 20 years of fitness experience, Wil knows that cardio and weight lifting are not enough. True results come from adding intensity to curated routines, and most importantly, commitment. 

Grassroots Studio is finally bringing its products to other fitness spaces that are limited in square footage yet still dedicated to making a large impact. We’re passionate about providing exceptional equipment to those who have the motivation for a well-rounded workout, but not necessarily all the resources. From community-driven gyms to individuals who prefer to workout at home, Grassroots Studio motivates everyone to put a kick in each and every step. 

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